Buy Original Art Online

Unique Home Decor: Buy Original Art Online

Why buy home decor from a big store when you can buy original works from an artist? These days you can buy original art online directly from the artist and have it delivered. And the difference between prints and original artwork brings your décor up a notch. Original paintings are intriguing, too. They are excellent as conversation starters, or if you want to escape into a Secret Garden or a spot overlooking the ocean.

Original home decor works are unique because they're one of a kind. Unlike a print, you have something that took time and patience to create. Every brush stroke speaks to the development the artist has given to her craft. In a throwaway, instant gratification world, original paintings are precious. They speak to the human spirit in a way that no reproduction can—perhaps because the artist leaves a little piece of themselves in every painting.

When you buy original art online, buy something you truly love because original paintings are an investment. If you're looking to buy original art online, think about where the piece will live once you get it home. Original paintings can enhance a room, but they also provide entertainment and reflection. You may be surprised at the endless delight you find when you realize that you can buy original art online and start an art collection. At Ria Krishnan Fine Art, you'll find original oil paintings that fill the senses. Krishnan's original paintings are impressionistic, using only yellow, red, blue, and white—just like the impressionists of old.

You'll find original art for sale by the artist at Ria Krishnan Fine Art. She offers a variety of sizes to fit almost any budget and space. Do you want to collect fine art and develop a relationship with the artist, too? Then find your light-filled oil painting landscape by Ria Krishnan today.