Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting

Why is an Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting Special?

There are few things more beautiful than an impressionistic oil painting. Much like the name, impressionism is a way of capturing a moment in time. The early impressionists were artists such as Mary Casset, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Monet's painting of The Japanese Footbridge and Water Lily Pool, Giverny, is perhaps the most widely recognized impressionist landscape oil painting of all time.

Even those who have no experience with fine art are drawn to impressionistic paintings because they invite you in to experience the scene. The sole purpose of impressionism is to interpret light and shadow in the most natural of ways.

But impressionist oil painting didn't disappear along with the old masters. You can find impressionist landscape oil painting examples all over the internet from contemporary artists. At Ria Krishnan Fine Art, you'll find an impressionist oil painting that makes your heart sing. From picture-perfect pastoral scenes, where you can almost feel the breeze as it gently blows through the leaves, to breathtaking vistas, and rolling grasslands— Ria Krishnan creates inspired impressionist landscapes and seascapes. You can also find finely crafted vintage style frames for home, that can add a touch of class and beauty to any artwork that they hold.

All of her paintings are one of a kind as she doesn't produce prints of her artwork. An impressionistic oil painting by Krishnan is an invitation into a story. Each impressionistic landscape oil painting is a captured moment that holds all possibilities for the viewer's imagination. Impressionism's light and translucence conjure feelings of warmth, sunlight, and soft breezes. A gorgeous vintage style frame for home, holding an original impressionist landscape oil painting will add a touch of elegance to your home. Imagine a beautiful sunset impressionist painting hanging over your fireplace. Or, a small, intimate oil painting displayed on the mantel. There are so many ways to bring art into your home. 

If you are looking for a “vintage style frame for home”, please look through the original frames at Ria Krishnan Fine Art and get in touch if you have any questions.