Landscape Oil Paintings For Sale

Landscape Art by Ria Krishnan

You don't have to be rich to own gorgeous landscape art. Today, you have an opportunity to look for landscape art for sale online. I'm Ria Krishnan, and I offer a variety of landscape art in a contemporary expressionistic style. Light fills my paintings with colors inspired by nature. I use a limited palette of yellow, blue, red, and white, as in traditional impressionistic painting. The limited palette allows the colors to mix as they would to the eye, in nature. There's no muddiness, only beautiful color shining through in layers of smooth, luxurious oil paint.

My Little Gems collection is a series of small affordable original oil paintings for sale at a reasonable price. They're lovely 8" x 10" color studies of my travels and places that touch me. From Munich to Yosemite, the world is full of wonder, and I try to pick up a little of that magic in my original oil paintings. If a warm sunset reflecting on coastal waters fills your soul, an original oil painting can bring that feeling into your home. Likewise, peaceful pastoral scenes are a classic choice for a farmhouse feel.

If you have a large wall that needs a focal piece, take a look at the large landscape oil paintings that I have for sale. They range in sizes from 12" x 16" up to one of my favorite pieces, Secret Garden, that is 30" x 40". The cypress trees in my Secret Garden come to life with sparkling light that dances and drifts through the leaves, drawing the eye out and up toward a powdery blue sky.

You'll have a museum quality piece of landscape art for your home. If you're searching for landscape oil paintings for sale, please explore my website and let me know which piece speaks to you.