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This is an Original Oil on Canvas. 8x10 (unframed).  It's a Little Gem ! 2022


Price indictaed covers shipping and insurance. All originals are sold unframed. However, I am happy to work with you to find the perfect frame for this piece.  Please reach out to



"I wanted this painting to feel like the beginning of Fall. It's the time when the leaves have just started to change color. Fall is not here in full bloom yet, but you know it's coming. You can feel it. This painting is my humble attempt to capture that feeling."



The Process - I orchestrated this scene to convey the feeling "beginning of Fall". It involved a lot of sketching and making studies to design the scene. The colors are very subtle because it is just the begining of the season. There is still a lot of green in the landscpae. The painting has been sculpted with oil paint to create the impasto effect and will feel rough to touch. Also, it has been painted using just Red, Yellow, Blue & White to maintain harmony.

October's Song | 8x10, Oil on Canvas

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