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Online Workshop - Fundamentals of Landscape Painting

This time we will be painting a Fall Scene in a limited palette

This will be a 4 day workshop spread over 4 weeks. I will paint using a limited palette (red, blue, yellow & white). Although the demonstration will be in a limited palette, the concepts can be applied to any colors of your choice. If are free to work with your choice of colors.

Beginners are welcome ! Learning how to paint is a lot about learning how to think and see. We will be exploring this a lot in this workshop. You will learn thfundamental concepts that make or break a painting. If you have never painted before or have dabbled or have struggled with color mixing, this workshop is for you.

Medium - Oil Paints

Dates - Oct 5th, , 12th, 19th & 26th 2024 (all Saturdays) .

Time - 10 AM - 12:30 PM  PST

Venue - Zoom (link will be shared later) 

Tuition - $250

Supply List

All classes will be recorded and be available until end of December 2024.  Limited Spots ! 

Week 1 - Color Wheel and color mixing, learn to assess values (black & white), mixing interesting greens, muting/unsaturating color. Learning how to mix greens is important when you paint a landscape because there is so much green out there. 


Understanding the anatomy of an ideal landscape. Value indicates how light or dark a color is. Understanding value is key to a successful painting. Values help create distance and atmosphere in a painting. We will try to interpret the landscape in black and white to simplify the concept. This will be the foundation for future classes.


Brushwork, edges, composition - these topics will be discussed throughout the workshop.


Mindful sketching & Color Mixing and how I think through color. I will also go over some of my favorite materials.


Week 2 & 3- Apply what we have learned in W1 and paint a landscape or seascape from start to finish. I will paint to demonstrate how I think through color and how I simplify a complex landscape. 

We will begin with a block in. I will share my palette while painting, so you can see how I mix my paints. Simplifying the landscape into larger shapes. Understanding Color temperature, Edges, Brushwork, Composition and Glazing to create transparency and slight temperature shifts.

Week 4 - Apply what we have learned in W1 and W2 and paint alla prima. It means we will try to finish a painting in one sitting. It gives a very loose, spontaneous look to a painting. Almost like a Plein air painting. 


Come prepared to get your brushes dirty. See you in class !

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