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Workshops - 2024

I paint using just 3 colors and white.​ - (Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Red Light & Titanium White).  All paintings you see here on this website are a good example of this limited palette. 

All instruction/demos will be in the limited palette. However, students are welcome to work with their palette of choice. All principles learned with the limited palette can be applied to your choice of colors.

Ria krishnan-workshops-online.jpg

Student Reviews

"I would highly recommend Ria’s workshops to anyone interested in oil painting, even complete beginners.
Indeed, Ria is not only a talented artist; she is also a wonderful tea
cher. She has a very clear and structured way of teaching that makes the whole process easy to follow and understand.
More specifically, this workshop was excellent because it taught us an approach and techniques to paint two scenes from beginning to end: choice of picture, sketching, value study, choice of paint, use of colors, paint mixing, painting, and palette and brush cleaning.
Two other characteristics made this workshop unique: First, Ria buys just a few colors (and makes other colors by mixing those few initial colors) and her color mixing tips are eye-opening. Second, the workshop was taught live, meaning we could ask questions and get immediate answers. As the workshop was recorded, we could also view the classes afterwards (or a second time).​" - Laurence

"I have no art background but love Ria's work. I signed up for her online class to learn her techniques and to be guided step-by-step as she creates a work with you. I was nervous but it was one of the most amazing gifts I could have given myself. She was kind and patient, and I thoroughly loved the learning experience. It broadened my horizons and taught me a skill I will enjoy for a lifetime. I'm tremendously grateful for this experience." - Denise

"Ria is an excellent painting instructor, and I'm looking forward to future classes with her! She was very patient in answering my questions and helping me work toward my artistic vision. She also was able to very effectively and efficiently explain and demonstrate how to finish a painting alla prima. As a first-time oil painter, I was very happy with what I was able to accomplish in just a handful of Ria's classes." - Emily

"Ria is an excellent teacher, who focuses on the fundamentals and philosophies of painting. Her instructions are clear and consistent for all skill-levels, and she pushes you hard on how to think about painting--often giving valuable wisdom that transcends beyond art." - Sandesh

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