I paint using just 3 colors and white.​ - (Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Red Light & Titanium White).  

All paintings you see here on this website are a good example of this limited palette. If you wish to learn form me, please take a look at these local in-person workshops. 


If you need more info, please email


1 Day workshop at University Art - Sep 23rd & Oct 21st 

Exploring Composition

This is a 1 Day Workshop focussed on Composition. Design is the key to a successful painting.  This workshop will focus on studying the basic principles necessary to create a successful composition. We will be creating thumbnail (2x3, 3x4) color sketches to explore design possibilities for a future painting.  

The goal of this workshop

- explore composition beyond the photograph

- create as many studies as you can, so when you go to your studio you will have lots of ideas to work from. 

I will share how I work from studies to create my studio paintings. 


Class capacity is limited to 10 students.

1 Day at University Art in Redwood City.

Dates - Sep 23rd & Oct 21st.

Time -  10:30 PM - 4:30 PM (30 min lunch break)

Venue - University Art in Redwood City, CA

Tuition - $200

Supply list will be emailed once you register. 

To register for this class or for more info please email

See you in class !

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Seascape-oilpainting-point lobos-sea lion point-ria krishnan-oil painting-costal homes.JPG

4 Week class (every Thursday) at Pacific Art League

Painting the Landscape with a Limited Palette.


Understand value relationships in a landscape using three colors - red, blue, yellow and white. Understand the anatomy of a landscape. 

The class will include a demo. Students will work from their own reference images or use the ones provided. Every student is encouraged to work on their own painting and ask questions.

This class is for both beginners and experienced artists interested in exploring the limited palette.

4 Week Class (every Thursday) starts on Aug 18th.

Time -  1:30 PM - 2:30 PM 

Venue - Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA

Tuition - $200

More info / Supply List / Register

Feel free to email if you need more info.

See you in class !

oil painting - fishing dock - evening light - ria krishnan.jpeg