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This is an Original Oil on Linen. It's a Statemen Piece ! - 2023 



30x30 - unframed

36x36 - framed. A solid wood, 3" wide,  22k hand carved guilded frame. It is exquisite !


Price indictaed covers Frame, Insurance. Shipping not covered.

If you wish to purchase the painting unframed, please email



"A few years ago, we were hiking in the Sunol Regional Park. It was a lovely day. Lush green rolling hills, sunny but still cloudy. The clouds were spectacular that day. I could see them rolling into the distant hills. I remember thinking to my self, if I could stand on my toes, raise my arms, I could perhaps touch the clouds. They were massive and felt so close !

I hope you follow this herd to the clouds and forget all your worries, even if it is just for a for a few seconds."

--Ria Krishnan


The Process, 
This painting has been in the making for sever months, I forget the count. A labor of love for sure. I wanted the painting to be all about the clouds. Everything else in the painting, the trees, the sheep, the shepherd is designed to lead the viewer to the clouds. I hope you enjoy The Cloud Concert !

The Cloud Concert | 30x30, oil on linen

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