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This is an Original Oil on Linen. It's a Statemen Piece ! - 2024



30x30 - unframed

36x36 - framed. A solid wood, 3" wide, 22k hand carved guilded frame.


The piece overall is exquisite ! If you would like a closer look, please reach out.


Price indictaed covers Frame & Insurance. Shipping not included.

If you wish to purchase the painting unframed, please email



"This is somewhere along hwy-1, Pescadero, CA. A very local scene for me. Everytime I've been here, I've had this urge to walk down those rocks. Obviously, I've never done that. It's seems too dangerous. So I decided to paint it with the intention of taking you in the middle of the Pacific.


My hope is that you will walk down these rocks and stay there a little longer to watch the birds as they dance over The Mighty Pacific."

--Ria Krishnan

The Mighty Pacific | 30x30, oil on linen

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