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This is an Original Oil on Canvas. 16x20 (unframed). It's a Statemen Piece ! - 2023.

A difficult one to photograph. Please reach out if you would like a closer look.


Price indictaed covers shipping and insurance. All originals are sold unframed. However, I am happy to work with you to find the perfect frame for this piece. Please reach out to



In Nov 2022 we visited India. We stayed in a hotel in Mumbai (Bombay) that faced the Arabian Sea. Since we were heavily jet lagged we would wake up very early. As a result, I watched the sunrise everyday. I was mesmerized by the red sun that appeared againt the smoky sky. I also watched the pigeons fly around in flocks during this time. It was surreal to say the least.


The first day I watched the red sun rise I remember saying to my husband, look "Bombay is Waking Up !" ☺️. This is a very special piece.

Bombay is Waking Up | Available through Gallery

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