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This is an Original Oil on Canvas. 8x10 (unframed).  It's a Little Gem !


Price indictaed covers shipping and insurance. All originals are sold unframed. However, I am happy to work with you to find the perfect frame for this piece.  Please reach out to



"Needless to say this Little Gem was inspired by the beautiful Water Lilies and the Koi. I was drawn to the different shades of green ranging from cool blue greens to warm yellow greens interspersed with hints of purple. I loved how the lily pads stacked up. A closer glace at the painting will reveal thicker paint to create the illusion of stacked lily pads. It was a beautiful morning at the Japanese Gardens."



The Process - I painted this over a span of several months. The process involved visiting the location several times, taking notes and making studies. Not to mention, several failed attemps.  I am happy I was finally able to paint it to my satisfaction. It's a personal favorite.

Water Lilies & Koi | 8x10, Oil on Canvas

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